Сколько времени идёт период в баскетболе?

В: Сколько времени идёт период в баскетболе?

Дженсен Росс Эклс


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Полное имя: Дженсен Росс Эклз 
Рост: 1 метр 83 см
Цвет глаз: зелёный орех; иногда носит цветные контактные линзы
Прозвище на съёмочной площадке сериала: Джей
Дата рождения: 1 марта 1978
Знак зодиака: Рыбы
Место рождения: Даллас (штат Техас, США)
Родители: Алан Роджер - актёр и Донна Джоан Шеффер
Старший брат: Джошуа (ДР 1975)
Младшая сестра: Макензи (ДР 1985)
Начальная школа: Dartmouth Elementary, Richardson,...

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Thoughts of the day: October 15, 2013


Matt Jones is done for the season with a torn meniscus and that’s a blow to Florida’s already challenged offense. Although he hadn’t performed at a consistently high level, Jones had a unique skill set and the kind of power to keep the chains moving in Florida’s conservative approach. He is the fourth very important Gator to go down on the offensive side of the ball. Although it can be argued that Tyler Murphy has done a more than adequate job replacing Jeff Driskel at quarterback, the Gators are hurting at right tackle where Chaz Green is out for the year and at wide receiver where Andre Debose would have forced safeties to play an extra 10 yards off the ball to compensate for his speed. Additionally, there has been no one capable of replacing those four go the distance kickoff returns that Debose delivered the previous three seasons. Throw in the loss of Dominique Easley on the defensive side and it’s easy to see how Florida’s success equation has been seriously altered.

Источник: GatorCountry.com

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